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The Importance of Online Advertising and Analytics for Wineries

The Importance of Online Advertising and Analytics for Wineries"

In our previous blog post, “Marketing sparkling wine for Millennial and Gen Z consumers“, we discussed the importance of targeting a growing audience in a specific age demographic, knowing that for many wine lovers, their journey begins with a simple online search. We don’t have to point out the obvious as a winery, the necessity to have a strong online presence. For many smaller wineries, the stepping stone from believing what many consider ‘FREE social media’ and the mental hurdle of paying for online advertising is a crucial step in connecting with potential customers and expanding your reach. (if you want to know more about paid advertising, don’t hesitate to contact us).

“Would you not spend £100 on a Facebook AD if you knew it would lead to a person purchasing a £500 annual membership for life?”

 – Scott Davis

However, what truly sets successful wineries apart is their commitment to monitoring analytics and fine-tuning their online strategies. 

Online Advertising: 

  • Reach the Right Audience: Online advertising allows you, as a winery, to target your ideal audience. You can define your audience by demographics, location, interests, and more, ensuring that your ads reach those most likely to become loyal customers. (Seriously, why waste money on people searching for fishing tips unless you know something about your audience that is unexpected 😉 
  • Boost Visibility: With numerous wineries competing for attention, online advertising helps you stand out. Your wines will appear prominently in search results, social media feeds, and relevant websites, increasing visibility to a local audience that has probably unknowingly been influenced by your winery already.
  • Increase Traffic: Paid ads can direct potential customers to your website, where they can explore your wine offerings, learn about your story, and make purchases. Direct-to-consumer purchases are your best RIO. Again, I state, ” Would you not spend £100 on a Facebook AD if you knew it would lead to a person purchasing a £500 annual membership for life?”

Analytics, not fun but essential: 

  • Measure Your Success: Analytics tools provide valuable insights into the performance of your online advertising campaigns. They can be overwhelming if you don’t approach them looking for specific information. Open your Google/Meta, knowing what clicks, impressions and bounce rates will help you assess your ROI accurately. 
  • Adapt and Optimise: Specific analytics for wineries can help you as a winery to adapt your strategies not only online but for the entire winery. If you notice that no matter what imagery or wording or money you are putting towards your Solaris & Seyval Blanc blend, this may sound harsh, but is that the best blend you should be producing? If something is underperforming, you may have to make significant adjustments to improve results.
  • Cost Efficiency: By analysing data, you can allocate advertising budget more effectively. You’ll know which campaigns deliver, what wines are most loved, or when you should best open your doors for tours – all this information can be gleaned to find the best results, allowing you to optimise spending across the entire vineyard.


It does not matter the size of your vineyard or bottle production; online advertising is the key to unlocking new opportunities, reaching wine lovers, and increasing sales. However, it will also be the diligent monitoring of analytics and the commitment to optimisation that will transform a good winery into a great one. By leveraging data, wineries can refine their online advertising efforts, increase efficiency, and ultimately, raise a glass to success in the digital age.

If your winery needs an introduction to paid advertising and online analytics, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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