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Beyond the Tasting Notes: A Journey with English Rosé

English Rosé Brabourne-Glass-in-Vineyard

When we think of wine, sadly, we often think about the back of the wine bottle first! Those 20 or so complex words interplay the flavours and aromas, dissecting each sip into what we know as the tasting notes.

Yet, surely, the true essence of wine must transcend those 6-point Times New Roman typeset. What about the tapestry of experiences, memories, and the very landscape that brings the grape juice inside to life?


Such was our revelation upon opening a bottle of Brabourne Salburga Rosé – 2022 to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day and love in its many forms. 

This 100% Pinot Noir English Rosé, with its vibrant notes of pomegranate, watermelon, and blackberries, was our gateway to a journey that intertwined the sensory with the sentimental, the personal with the pastoral.

English Rosé paired with Togarashi crusted grilled salmon

As my partner Lindsay and I sipped this exquisite rosé, we found ourselves not just celebrating our love but embarking on a voyage through the heart of the English countryside and a beautiful autumn day in the South East of England. Yes, indeed, its dry and fresh taste adorned with hints of strawberry and cream was chosen to complement our home-cooked Asian-influenced grilled Salmon meal.  But we found ourselves transformed amidst the serene vine rows of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the backdrop to our exploration of the vineyards where this very wine had its origins.

Asian-influenced lettuce boats with Togarashi-crusted grilled salmon, pickled onion, Japanese relish and sesame gochujang teriyaki.

Walking along those vine rows, the conversation with Hester, the vineyard’s dedicated owner, and the cheerful presence of Daisy, her furry companion, unveiled the deeper narrative of wine. Our discussion ventured beyond the vines into the vineyard’s thriving ecosystem, where bees buzzed diligently, supporting the vital pollination of the surrounding fruit. We were educated that though vines are wind-pollinated, these bees play a crucial role in the vineyard’s life, enabling us to enjoy the fruits of their labour – from the honey and wax harvested for candles and polish to the diverse array of fruit trees dotting the landscape.


The vineyard was a living, breathing entity, home to over 50 fruit trees – peaches, figs, almonds, pears, and cob nuts – each adding its voice to the chorus that shapes the character of the Salburga Rosé. We continued to meander through the vineyard; the warmth of the sun on our skin and the faint smell of salt carried by the breeze from the Kent coastline reminded us of the interconnectedness of nature, wine, and human endeavour.

This experience underscored that wine is so much more than its tasting notes. It’s a narrative of passion, a connection to the land, and the meticulous care and love that goes into every bottle. 


In conclusion, if our marketing efforts focus solely on tasting notes, we risk overlooking 98% of the beauty that wine has to offer. It’s a realisation that wine, in its essence, is not just about engaging the senses of taste and smell. Consumers yearn for a total immersion, an experience that transcends the conventional and touches upon all five, perhaps even seven, senses. They seek to be transformed, to be transported to the vineyard on a beautiful autumn day, to feel the sun’s warmth and the sea’s salt-laden breeze on their skin, to hear the buzz of bees among the vines, and to connect with the stories of those who pour their passion into every bottle.

So, the next time you uncork a bottle of wine, remember that you’re not just tasting the fruits of the vine but embarking on a journey that bridges the gap between nature, nurture, and the myriad stories that ferment within each bottle. 

“The artistry found in wine label design often attempts to capture a glimpse of this immersive experience, serving as a visual invitation to explore the wine’s deeper narrative. However, as marketers, our responsibility extends far beyond the label. We must weave this complete story into every facet of our communication – through social media, news articles, webpages, and emails to prospective customers.
By doing so, we don’t just sell wine; we offer an invitation to a journey, a sensory exploration that reaches beyond the confines of the glass. This approach not only enriches the consumer’s experience but also elevates our brand, distinguishing our wines in a crowded marketplace. The stories we share and the experiences we curate around our wines become as integral to their identity as their tasting notes.”

As we embrace the myriad ways in which wine can enchant and engage all the senses, it becomes clear that a nuanced approach to marketing is essential for capturing the full essence of what our wines have to offer. If you’re looking to elevate your marketing beyond the tasting notes, to create a strategy that fully immerses prospective consumers in the unique story and experience of your winery, leading them seamlessly towards making a purchase, we’re here to help. At UK Fizz, we specialise in crafting engaging narratives and designing comprehensive marketing funnels that not only attract but also captivate and convert your audience. If you’re ready to transform how your wines are presented and experienced, reaching out to us is the first step towards achieving that goal. Contact us to start your journey with us. Let’s create something memorable together, telling the stories that make each bottle of wine not just a drink, but an adventure.

Marketing beyond the Tasting Notes:

  1. Storytelling Through Content Marketing: Develop content that tells the story behind each bottle of wine. This could include blog posts, videos, and social media content featuring interviews with the winemakers, behind-the-scenes looks at the vineyard throughout the seasons, and the crafting process. By doing so, you offer consumers a glimpse into the passion, dedication, and environment that shape the wine they enjoy.

  2. Sensory Descriptions: When discussing tasting notes, expand the narrative to include what the wine smells and tastes like and what memories or feelings it may evoke. 

  3. Virtual Reality and Video Experiences: Consider creating virtual reality (VR) tours of your vineyard and winemaking process. This can transport consumers directly to the source of the wine, allowing them to experience the beauty of the vineyard, hear the sounds of the environment, and perhaps even virtually meet the team behind the wine. This immersive experience can deepen their connection to the wine.

  4. Wine Labels and Packaging: Enhance your wine labels and packaging to reflect the story and sensory experience you wish to convey. Use visuals and textures that evoke the vineyard’s environment, the wine’s character, or the emotions associated with enjoying a glass. QR codes can be a practical addition, directing consumers to videos or stories that expand on the narrative presented on the label.

  5. Events and Tastings: Organise events that do more than just taste wine; create immersive experiences. Pair wines with specific dishes, music, or even art installations that reflect the wine’s character and the story of its creation. Such events can transform wine tasting from a purely gustatory experience into a multisensory journey.

  6. Collaborations with Storytellers: Partner with artists, musicians, and writers to create unique interpretations of your wines’ stories. These collaborations can result in limited-edition labels, themed events, or even exclusive content that explores the sensory and emotional landscapes of your wines.

  7. Feedback and Community Building: Engage with your audience by inviting them to share their own stories and experiences with your wine. This builds a community around your brand and provides invaluable feedback on how consumers connect with your wines on a sensory and emotional level.



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